CMI is more than a "Rep" organization...we are a team of dedicated professionals with the expertise to increase your market penetration and your profits.

We know that a truly successful business relationship must be mutually rewarding for everyone, and in today‘s fast-paced environment, that means making the entire working experience as efficient and professional as possible. CMI is committed to being on the cutting edge of new technology. Our EDI program goes well beyond what you will see from other rep firms. We have developed our own proprietary software that takes the raw EDI data we receive and transforms it into user-friendly reports that help us, our vendors and our accounts quickly and effortlessly understand and analyze our business. We manage historical vendor/account data and forecasting the same way. Information is the key to understanding, but in today's business world we are often overwhelmed with it. CMI can turn that sea of information into knowledge...and that knowledge becomes power. Power to sell, to manage and to grow your business.

Knowledge of both the competition and the account is critical to the success of the mission. CMI provides its vendors the information they need to offer pricing and programs that can capture the buyer's attention. We conduct regular competitive store shops of all the categories we sell and we analyze and forward this information to our vendors routinely. Our knowledge of our accounts and what they expect for margins, advertising / promotional funding, and program support allows our vendors to present pricing and programs that will meet the needs of the retailer while maintaining profitability for their company. Having this kind of information early in the negotiation process is absolutely essential in guaranteeing a mutually successful program.

Being efficient means knowing how to play by the rules. And the rules have never been more complex. CMI has dedicated personnel to the single task of making sure our vendors play by these rules and avoid unnecessary chargebacks. Anyone who has ever taken the time to actually read the terms and conditions of a purchase order knows how easy it can be to incur performance penalties. Our vendor compliance team will help make sure your company meets all the requirements for carton labeling, packaging, freight carriers, delivery appointments, etc. to help you maintain the profitability you need for a successful business relationship. And if something does go wrong, we use our relationships and expertise to get the issues resolved as quickly and inexpensively as possible. CMI has an outstanding record of resolving these issues, often with reversals of chargebacks.

None of this matters if we don't accomplish Goal One. We must sell the product. And that is where you will find CMI‘s greatest strength. By surrounding our sales team with the best administrative and support systems, we free them up to do what they do best. Sell. With a full team behind them to gather information and process it, to manage the necessary documents and paperwork, to forecast purchases and analyze inventories, our sales team maximizes its relationships with our customers and vendors to sell more products. That's how we started, and it's still the critical first step on the road to success.

From our early years as a houseware and hardware rep through our diversification to include consumer electronics, computer products, automotive and mobile communications products, CMI continues to evolve to meet the needs and demands of our ever-changing marketplace. Today's marketplace has become global in the broadest sense of the word, and CMI has positioned itself to meet these new challenges as well, developing relationships with Asian partners to assist in OEM and direct import opportunities for our vendors and accounts. Today, just as we did 50 years ago, CMI does what it takes to get the job done.

Our company's continued growth and success through five decades are directly tied to the growth and success we help create for our vendor partners. It is this team approach that assures our mutual success. The CMI team - sales, support, administrative specialists, EDI and information systems specialists - is dedicated to achieving the mission: understand the needs of both the customer and the vendor, and make the total commitment to sell the products and successfully manage the business. Together, we grow and prosper.