In the end, it’s all about the numbers. Your company’s products need to be sold to the

retailer for you to meet your sales goals. The consumers have to find your products

and buy them so the buyer meets his plan. And next year, we’II all have to beat these

numbers. CMI has the resources to get it done. Give us the challenge --- we’re ready!


You want your products placed at key retailers in the market. You want to make

money. You want your products to be visible to other national retail accounts. Here's

what CMI will do for you to achieve these goals:

1. We will gather the competitive information and analyze it. This will help us

determine the right feature content, form factor, retail price point and packaging


2. We will help you structure the right cost and program model to gain placement

while maintaining your company's profitability. We will get you in front of the buyer

with the right information to make your best presentation.

3. We will negotiate the best costs we can get for your company for circular ads, end

caps, in-store promotions. We will help you secure the right timing to achieve

maximum impact.

4. We will enlist the entire CMI team to manage your business and ensure that what is

sold in sells through.


You want to see your products on the shelves. 

You want major retail exposure. You want potential consumers anywhere in the United States to find and buy your products.

CMI offers your company the opportunity for placement in well over 5,000 stores

coast to coast, including Alaska and Hawaii. And with our affiliation with other major

rep groups throughout the country, you have access to every major retailer and

thousands and thousands of additional retail outlets for your products. CMI's path to

your success covers every highway in the nation.


You want your goods to sell. You want your shelf space to grow. You want your profit

margins to grow accordingly. You want to maximize your sales volume at every


You want to be a valued vendor to these major retailers. l-lere's how CMI helps:

1. CMI, through its professional EDI reporting and analysis, helps you manage your

business. We identify both upticks and downtrends in sales and manage inventories.

We identify issues before they become full-blown problems. We help you maximize

inventory and help the retailer increase turns.

2. CMI monitors your sales volume and retail price points and those of the

competition. We let you know when your products may be losing their competitive

edge at the retail shelf and help you find solutions. We continually look for additional

sku opportunities to expand your placement and potentially increase your profit

margins. We keep you apprised of new advertising and end cap opportunities.

3. CMI helps keep you within all Vendor Compliance Guidelines. Your success in

achieving valued vendor status depends on it. We are committed to it.


CMI provides lor its vendor partners the opportunity to sell into every retail channel.

We have established business and relationships with mass merchants, specialty

retailers, food and drug chains, hardware chains, computer retailers and wholesalers.

electronics and automotive accounts and distributors. sporting goods retailers,

department stores...virtually every channel of distribution imaginable. There's a place

for your product, and we'Il Iind it.

Mass Merchants

Target Stores

Home of Economy




Electronics Retailers

Best Buy

Hardware and Home Center


United Hardware

Northern Tool & Equipment

BIain's Farm & Fleet

Mills Fleet Farm

Supermarket Chains and Wholesalers

Super Valu

Cub Foods

Nash Finch

Fairway Foods



Drug Chains and Wholesalers

Thrilty White Drug

Lewis Drug

Specialty Retailers

National Camera

Gander Mountain

Sportsmarfs Guide

Fingerhut/BlueStem Brands

Heartland America

Electronics Distributors

Capitol Sales


Advance Auto

Custom Truck Accessories



CMI supports its vendor partners at every trade show for every category we sell. We'll

be there to help you in every way we can. Here are some of the shows CMI actively





CTIA Wireless


International Housewares Show

National Hardware Show


Outdoor Recreation Show

Pet Show



Shot Show


Toy Fair


Canton Fair


China Hi-Tech Fair

China Sourcing Fair


Hong Kong Electronics Fair

Hong Kong Premium Show


CMI sponsors Annual Customer Appreciation Events and Yacht Cruises for its

buyers and management. The company holds season tickets for all professional

sporting events, including the Minnesota Vikings, Twins and the Minnesota Wild and

uses them to promote and develop social relationships with our buyers and vendor

sales managers. It's all a part of doing business the CMI way. We hope you will join

us on the path to success!