Experience. Confidence. Trust. A plan for today, and a vision for tomorrow. The expertise, relationships and enthusiasm to help you meet the daunting challenges of the marketplace. Here's where we've been and where we’re going, how we work and who we are. Welcome to the CMI experience...

CMI is more than an extension of your sales force. We offer a full complement of services to help you achieve your specific goals. Packaging and point-of-purchase assistance. Competitive product analysis. Logistics solutions. Product sourcing and private label opportunities. Vendor Compliance, and more. |t’s all a part of the CMI Service Commitment. We are here to help you in every way we can... Our many years of experience working with major national retailers like Target, Best Buy, Advance Auto and Menards have provided us with a tremendous   working knowledge of the key elements for success in selling to mass merchants and specialty retailers in the United States.

For start-up ventures and smaller companies without the marketing and design infrastructures of the larger manufacturers, CMI can provide valuable insight and shorten the path to your success. We can help not only with margin advertising and promotional costs and other program variables, but with packaging design and security issues, point-of purchase displays and I signing, rebate opportunities and costs, category management, and a host of other issues. We have developed relationships with a broad network of Asian manufacturers in virtually every category to help our vendors source new products and potentially procure lower pricing on existing products. We have established working relationships with logistics and operations companies that can provide our vendors solutions for warehousing and distribution issues, drop-ship programs, warranties and return processing, disposition of overstock and returned goods, tech support and toll free service lines, in-store merchandising and product demonstrations...soIutions to practically any problem that must be solved to allow your company to compete in the fast lane. lt's all part of the CMI experience.  

Your company has the ability to place its product across the entire United States when you join the CMI team. Our largest accounts combined have over 9000 stores throughout the United States and some continue to grow by 10% every year. Best Buy, Target, Advance Auto, Menards and United Hardware are just a few of the retailers where CMI has built long term relationships and businesses. With our affiliation with strong representative organizations throughout the country, we can help you meet your sales goals in virtually every market, with every major retailer in the U.S. With the relationships we've forged with Asian manufacturers and trade organizations, CMI has achieved global reach. Today, we can offer our domestic vendors OEM partnerships and product sourcing in almost any category. Tomorrow, we hope to be able to offer Asian markets to interested American companies as well. Our retail partners are striving to meet profit goals just as we are, and lowering their operating costs has become a major focal point.

Vendor Compliance, while perhaps not exactly a profit center, has definitely assumed a major role in helping retailers achieve their financial numbers. It is absolutely essential that a vendor know and abide by all the guidelines lf it wants to maintain a profitable relationship. Failure to comply with these guidelines for set-up forms, carton labeling, case-pack sizes, UPC coding, preferred carriers, shipping and receiving deadlines, and a myriad of other rules and regulations can result in not only the loss of profits but the collapse of an entire business relationship. Because this segment of the total business equation has taken on such a large dimension, CMI has established a separate department to help our vendors meet all the obligations and avoid expensive non-compliance penalties. Very few, if any, rep firms have a dedicated Vendor Compliance Department. It's just another way CMI stays on the leading edge of sales and service for its important vendors.